Checking a Charge Without Gauges – Podcast

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In this episode of the podcast Jim Bergmann from Redfish instruments and the MeasureQuick app gives us all a detailed explanation of how to check a charge without using a gauge manifold.

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  1. Avatar Justin Jedidiah Lawton says:

    If this is the kind of stuff you are teaching your own to do Id like to work for you. Great stuff.

  2. Avatar Joe Reinhard says:

    Bryan, Jim, Super informative and convincing discussion for very, very infrequently installing gauges if not only once.
    Definitely on-board with using benchmark DTDs, SLTs, SH, LLTs, SC, and ESPs readings done during first-ever system assessment and new system startup which should not change during the life of the system unless one or more of the following developed:
    1. Air flow restriction
    2. Component failure
    3. Refrigerant flow restriction.
    I also reviewed Chap 40 in Refrig & Technology big book and made more sense this time.
    Having listened to both podcasts several times, I developed a Word file of benefits, “Data to record” first-time visit or new system commissioning, “data to record” for follow-up maint checkups, and other notes.
    If you’d be interested, I would like to email to you for review for accuracy and edit suggestions. Fine to share with Jim if desired.
    Appreciate yours and Jim’s humor and respect for one another. I felt “your pain” several times during Jim’s good-natured question grilling.
    That “pain” somewhat resembles pressure I feel when encounter system problems w/out apparent or clear explanations. Inclined to start grasping (“gasping”) for info and data readings when only usually need to not over-think and look at simple causes & reasons.
    Thanks for your time investment and committment to and helping others become better technicians. P.S. Thanks for the TTTools coupon.

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