Combustion Analysis w/ Stephen Rardon – Podcast

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In this episode Bryan talks to YouTube star Stephen Rardon about:

– Gas Furnaces
– Combustion Analysis
– Clocking Meters
– Fancy Diagnostic tools

and much more…

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  1. Avatar Ryan Kerr says:

    Great to hear about combustion testing!!! Thank you for opening the doors to a invaluable practice to the listening ears. I’d like to throw a bone to the NCI…National Comfort Institute. They have an awesome Combustion class! With that said, Stephen had mentioned how this Trane unit was set at 4.5 inches in order to achieve proper BTU’s. Personally with the training and experience that I’ve had I see no issue in it if the tech had done it with a combustion analyzer. As Stephen had led to flame impediment can be a result of a high gas pressure, but didn’t mention that the Trane was experiencing as such. To me it sounded like a successful set up/tune up. Just for the sake of knowing, I’ve came across one new furnace and I’d be willing to bet that a 15 year furnace that I’ve personally have came across suffered from either one over sized orfice for the factory causing flame impingement of the heat exchanger resulting in high CO that wasn’t able to be taken out with the adjustment of gas pressure…we ultimately figured the issues out after replacing the units and looking at the heat patterns of the heat exchangers.

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