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The year was 2003 and I was 21 years old. I had been put in the position of training manager for a very large residential service company way before I truly earned the right to be there. It quickly became apparent to me that most of the training resources that existed focused on theory and didn’t always apply directly to the day in, day out work.

So many techs have never been to school, but are still out there working on systems. Others have learned the theory but lost it because they don’t apply it every day

I wrote a curriculum and compiled a CD with all sorts of manuals and resources and gave it out to the techs. IT WAS TERRIBLE! but it was the start of a journey that led to the creation of HVAC School.

Fast forward to 2016 and I have my own business with 40+ employees as of this writing. When I started putting more and more of the training material that I produce for our staff on the web it got me thinking “Why not share this with the world?”.

So we are… but it has already grown bigger than just me and my staff. HVAC School is worldwide.

What is HVAC School?

  • HVAC School is a free, online community that compiles and shares the best, most applicable HVAC/R training material we can find. We source from real technicians who work on equipment everyday to keep the content from getting stale. We publish a weekly podcast, daily tech tips, resources, quizzes, videos and more….
  • HVAC School is for anyone and everyone interested in growing in HVAC/R knowledge.
  • HVAC School is committed to helping the industry with recruitment and training. The industry needs us and we are going to rise to the occasion.
  • HVAC School will help keep Americans working doing the work we love in a country we love at the highest possible quality and with integrity.


What HVAC School Isn’t

  • It is not (currently) a physical location with classes, although it likely will have that as well soon… but as a supplement for trade schools, NOT a replacement.
  • It isn’t a place where we complain about the industry, brands or other techs. We work to make things better without complaining about what is wrong.
  • HVAC School is completely non-political and will only focus on the trade and making it and those who work in it better.

And yes, we do have sponsors because it does take a ton of time and cost a lot of money to make this all available for free. The first companies to step up and support us directly are Carrier and Testo. No matter how far this thing goes, I will always be thankful for Testo and Carrier for being the first to help get this free training out there. We install and service Carrier equipment, and we use Testo tools every day and recommend that you consider doing the same.


Thanks for being here. We need your support and input to make this thing work.

— Bryan



Christopher Stephens is the service manager at JVS Refrigeration Inc. in Southern California, he grew up working for his dad during the summers since he was 14 and he started working full time in 2002, Chris is very active in his local RSES chapter in which he also holds an officer position. He is passionate about training and helping others grow in this industry. During his little bit of free time (Very little because he is a refrigeration mechanic!) Chris enjoys backpacking, and spending time with his family. Chris can be reached at [email protected]

Christopher Stephens

Service Manager - Southern California

Jeremy is the one with the glasses in the photo, the one with the antlers is a friend of his. Jeremy is a true veteran refrigeration technician with a wide range of experience.

Jeremy Smith CM

Senior HVAC/R Technician - Ohio / Pennsylvania

Ulises is a second generation HVAC tech from Texas. He is an expert with high end diagnostic equipment and likes to cut compressors apart in his spare time.

Ulises Palacios

Senior HVAC Technician - Texas

Benoit is a high quality furnace tech as well as being Canada level 10 polite. Ben has the distinction of writing the longest, most detailed HVAC related email in history (pending recognition by Guinness book of records)

Benoît Mongeau

Senior HVAC / Furnace Technician - Ontario, Canada

Joe is a 2nd generation Florida HVAC contractor and self proclaimed hvac nerd. He also has a YouTube channel where he is known as “the mad scientist” not sure if that’s a good thing or not but he’s always thinking outside the box… unless the box is ductboard, and then he thinks both inside and outside of the box.

Joe Shearer

Senior HVAC/R Tech - Tallahassee, FL

Justin is an excellent boiler and HVAC tech, prolific writer and all around nice guy. He does not use dollar bills to clean flame sensors. You can reach him at [email protected]

Justin Skinner

Senior Boiler Technician - Virginia

Stephen Rardon is an experienced A/C and Gas tech in North Carolina. He is also a bit of a YouTube star in the HVAC space. You can subscribe to his channel HERE and visit his website HERE

Stephen Rardon

Senior HVAC Service Tech and YouTube Celeb - North Carolina
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