Leak Free Systems w/ Bill Johnson (Podcast)

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Bill Johnson is one of the great educators and writers of our time in HVAC/R and he shares about his career and some of his top tips on keeping systems leak free.

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  1. Avatar Andrew Smith says:

    We are a jujitsu dealer and yes they recommend a 500psi pressure test on new install however the tag has a max working pressure of 250. The proper procedure is on new install your pressure test should be 500.
    There shouldn’t be a need to ever pressure test the outdoor unit, even on service you front seat the “hold back valves” and pressure test your lines at and head. But let’s go back a step. If you suspect a leak, you should be inspecting the system, doing an electronic leak check and then pulling the charge (weighing out) if your charge doesn’t match the tag you have a leak or have lost it through service. So if your lines and head hold your test you can pressure test the entire system to the max working pressure on the tag and front seat your valves let it sit then open the valves and look for a small drop in pressure (I normally crack them at the 30 min mark) if nothing shows then leave it for 24 hours. Still nothing shows. The last few guys went using low Loss fitting or short hoses and charge that sucker back up.
    I use mantooth with low Loss 5/16 and never run in heat when removing “gages” there is almost no loss (whatever vapor is in the tip of the probe)

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