Psychrometrics Basics w/ Jamie Kitchen Podcast

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In this episode of the podcast Jamie Kitchen from Danfoss comes on to talk about Wet bulb, Dry bulb, Relative Humidity, Dew point, enthalpy and latent heat. As well as what it all means and why you care.

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  1. Avatar Ryan Kerr says:

    In regards to the possible expence in dropping the fan speed for latent removal…if it prevents the room dehumidifer thats most likely in place of an needed whole house dehumidifer, you’ll most likely be further ahead in expence and comfort 🙂

  2. Avatar Ryan Kerr says:

    ….dehumidifer from running…

  3. Avatar Adam Walker says:

    I was confused when Bryan said Jamie was from Canada. Jamie taught me in college and I was always under the assumption he had an American accent, weird.

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