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The Bi-Polar® 2400 model  air purifier uses cold plasma technology that splits water vapor into positive and negative ions that are discharged into the air. These ions attach themselves to allergens such as smoke, dust, pollen, dander, and much more. The particles continue to bond to each other until they are heavy enough to drop out of the air and collect in filters. The positive and negative ions attack odors and other contaminants and convert them into oxygen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, neutralizing odors and greatly improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The Bi-Polar® 2400 ionizer air purifier prevents allergens from reproducing by removing hydrogen and disrupting the DNA of the pathogen. As an added benefit, static electricity is quickly reduced!

Testo smart probes are a great set of diagnostic tools for the residential and light commercial HVAC/R service technician. They all function over Bluetooth for both iPhone and Android devices using the Testo Smart Probes app. You can get a great deal from TruTech tools by clicking the image above and using the offer code “getschooled” at checkout

The Testo 770-3 is the multimeter I have in my toolbag. It does everything an HVAC/R tech needs a meter to do, plus it can measure wattage (power) and power factor directly. When used in conjunction with the 605i smart hygrometers you can easily calculate total system efficiency. You will find that clicking above and getting this meter from TruTech tools will get this meter to you quickly and at a great price, especially if you use the offer code “getschooled” at checkout for an extra discount.

The new UEI Hub smart kit has many great features including

  • In-App temperature split and psychrometric calculations
  • In-App system refrigerant charging calculations
  • Pass through refrigerant ports for easily adding or recovering refrigerant from the system without disconnecting probes
  • 180˚ rotation for easy use in cramped spaces
  • Slimmest 1/4 inch hygrometer probe means smaller drill holes
  • Narrow pipe clamp jaw allows users to get into narrow pipe lengths
  • Wireless range: 150′ (50m) pending environment
  • Requires FREE App “UEi HUB”
  • iOS® and Android compatible™
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