Accumulator & Burnout Considerations

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The suction line accumulator is designed to keep liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor while still allowing for oil return.

The trouble is that if the oil return port/screen clogs, the accumulator can fill with oil and actually cause the compressor to fail. In addition to that, it can hold contaminated oil in a burnout.

As standard compressor replacement practice, you may want to consider removing the accumulator and dumping / properly disposing of excess oil to both remove contamination and check for excessive oil buildup as well as acid testing the oil.

In the case of a bad burnout, it may be best to replace the accumulator completely in addition to the other burnout protocol measures.

Here is a great video on accumulators from AC Service Tech

— Bryan


  1. Avatar Gilles Comeau says:

    Good to know

  2. Avatar Dean says:

    Thanks for this info, will stick with me 🙂

  3. Avatar Lionel Stoxstell II says:

    It makes sense to replace the Accumulator because it receives refrigerant with its oil before the compressor does.. There has been a few times that all I’ve done was flush out with Rx-11 and nitrogen and sometimes a lot of oil will come out however now I wonder… This reeally Helped.. Im a 1 year tech and trying to learn. Thanks!!

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