Don’t Forget the Service Wrench

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One of my most popular YouTube videos goes over how to adjust TXV superheat. It’s a very simple little video that I did at my desk and the other day I got this comment –

“Good Video but I hate to say this BUT, with the title SCHOOL, why would you show the public an instructional video depicting the use of an adjustable wrench on a valve stem? Service valves, valve stems on TXV’s and Acetylene tanks should NEVER be touched with anything but a service wrench… Its hard to unlearn bad habits”

It was a well-deserved rebuke, in my haste I used an adjustable wrench to show the adjustment of the TXV stem rather than a service wrench.

The refrigeration service is as much a staple of the HVAC/R industry as a gauge manifold. It’s really just a square drive ratcheting box wrench, usually with several sized built in with 1/4″, 3/16″, 5/16″ and 3/8″ being the most common

There are many purposes for the refrigeration wrench including –

  • Opening and closing acetylene tanks
  • Adjusting TXV superheat
  • Opening & Closing multiposition service valves to the backseat, front seat or neutral seat
  • Opening typical residential HVAC Service valves using a 3/16 (liquid line) &  5/16 (suction line) combo hex key (Like shown below)
  • Adjusting other square refrigeration valve stems

The primary lesson is that whenever you are making an adjustment on a device, tank etc… you want to use a tool that will do the least amount of harm by damaging the stem edges as well as use a tool that will apply the correct amount of force without providing enough torque to break anything.

A refrigeration wrench fits the bill in many applications and in general getting away from adjustable wrenches is a good idea anyway.

— Bryan


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