High-Efficiency Furnace Quiz

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This quiz was written by Benoît Mongeau


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  1. Avatar Joe Reinhard says:

    Good quiz although was mainly review for me (Arrghrr two I missed I knew better!)
    As your time & interest permits, I could use gas furnace and air-source HP troubleshooting type quiz questions to aid in my experience development.
    As you probably aware, grayfurnaceman.com seems to be big on YTubes on gas furnace problems then others I’ve seen.
    Please know that, besides HVAC School being recently added main source of my learning & review, I regularly view acservicetech.com YTubes.
    I appreciate both yours and his teaching and knowledge imparting styles since are crisp, concise, and clear – also respectful and safety and do-it-the-right-way oriented.

    However, I like really appreciate HVAC School for the not using YTube videos since the web site resources, quizzes, emailed & posted articles with diagrams allow one to print & keep in my 3-ring reference binder. Also the listening podcasts use little cell phone data bytes. I don’t always have time to view videos or see my cell phone data GB limit exceeded. Enjoy when you and Nathan cutting up although sometimes a little zany and hard for me to keep up, comic relief is appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and dedication to improving the industry. Your perspectives, ways of approach, and knowledge make professional techs proud to be in the HVAC-R industry.

    P.S. I realize web site title is HVAC not HVAC-R but, if I may add to my wish list, would also be interested in commercial refrigeration troubleshooting. I had a class Spring 2016 semester on Comml Refrig but limited in school lab what can practice.

  2. Avatar Eric Martinez says:

    This is awesome thank you so much and ready for more to keep in tip top Tech for the ones who we depend on our Clients.

  3. Avatar Theo says:

    Great quiz, normally don’t work on them till they go out on flame failure. The brand I get to touch are Aerco boilers

  4. Avatar Jon Clark says:

    That’s a very interesting high efficiency furnace quiz. Most guys with no schooling couldn’t pass that quiz.

  5. Avatar Larry Richards. Richards Mechanical says:

    Can these test and podcast be shared on my facebook buis page? Good content. Keeps the pencil sharp

    1. Avatar Bryan Orr says:

      Yes, you may share our content anywhere you like

  6. Avatar Mike says:

    Much better this time, had to redeem myself after that refrigeration quiz! Good stuff keep it coming.

    1. Avatar Jeremy Clements says:

      I agree I bombed the refrigeration quiz

  7. Avatar Don says:

    I am fairly new to HVAC, This site is really nice and now i have informative info to listen to as I drive between campus’ that i maintain the HVAC systems for. The more I learn the more I see I have to learn. Thanks for sharing and helping us new techs. It has been very helpful to me as I strive to become the best tech i can be.

  8. Avatar Robby says:

    Well I got a 1000 ego points, just call me super tech haha.

  9. Avatar Nathan says:

    Fun quiz. At this point I would be very up set with anything less than 10 on gas heating.

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