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    Awesome presentation. I am a builder of very tight energy efficient homes in coastal NC (.5 ACH50 and below). Everything you cover is what I have been trying to get across to customers and other builders down here. Spot on. I include a dedicated dehumidifier in every home that runs independent of the HVAC system to ensure humidity control year-round. In addition, we encapsulate the entire building, crawlspace and attic with closed cell foam. For makeup air (never want house to go negative, ever.) I have added a six inch vent into attic, with an inline blower that is temperature and humidity limited so that is does not run at extremely high or low temperatures or high outside humidity. This air is mixed with the already conditioned attic air and then introduced into the main living space via a dehumidifier return branch. We now have positive airflow that can leave via the bath vents and other routes as needed. We keep RH at around 45% year-round this way. This is a very inexpensive solution to a serious problem. Costs around $2000+ to implement.

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