Tubing and Piping Support

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Image Courtesy of Eaton SNAP ‘N SHIELD

Piping support is covered in Section 305 of the IMC (International Mechanical Code) which once again, isn’t binding but is the code that most local codes are based on.

Piping / Tubing Material Maximum Horizontal Distance Between Support Maximum Vertical Distance Between Support
Copper Tubing 1 1/4″ & Smaller  6′  10′
Copper Tubing 1 1/2″ & Larger  10′  10′
PVC Pipe  4′  10′
CPVC 1″ & Smaller  3′  10′
CPVC 1 1/4″ & Larger  4′  10′
Pex Tubing  32″  10′

You will notice pretty quick that 10′ is the vertical support distance in all of these common cases. When supporting horizontally It’s also important to use supports that won’t compress insulation on insulated suction lines and drain lines.

There are really nice saddles made nowadays for insulated lines like the B-line Snap ‘n Shield supports shown above. We recently re-insulated a large grocery store with overhead copper and replaced the existing supports with these to eliminate condensation.

— Bryan

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