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  1. Avatar Scooter says:

    Great stuff guys but I disagree with a comment about Goodman systems having pistons in them that are 14 SEER. That is not exactly accurate. Many northern states still have a minimum 13 SEER requirement. Therefore, Goodman seeks there ARUF air handlers matched with a GSZseries heat pump or a GSX AC straight cool. These systems rated 13 or 14 SEER will show a model number that says it is a 14 SEER. However, Goodman will also back me up that the only way to ha e a true 14 SEER system you must use a TXV or EEV. All 16 SEER and higher systems come with a factory installed TXV as well as 14 SEER systems 4 or 5 ton. 3.5 and below come with a piston to accommodate 13 SEER requirements but it’s up to the contractor to install the TXV in the field. When you apply for rebates through the electrical company for a 14 SEER you may be asked to show that the unit is equipped with a TXV. Anyway, just food for thought and I have rambled enough. Thanks.

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